High-Tech Dentistry

Dr. Warren uses some of the latest technology available to provide high-tech, comfortable care to his patients. You can read below about the state-of-the-art equipment he uses to give patients gentle, effective dental treatments.

  • Advanced dental laser

    High-Tech DentistryDr. Warren uses a diode (variable power) laser to remove or reshape soft tissue in the case of growths, to fix a gummy smile or to prepare the gums for crown restorations. He also uses the laser to perform frenectomies (a simple surgical procedure to remove excess tissue between the lip and gum). The precision of dental lasers minimizes the need for anesthesia and makes for a gentle procedure with minimal post-treatment discomfort.

  • Panoramic X-rays

    High-Tech DentistryPanoramic X-rays produce 2D, panoramic images that give a full overview of your upper and lower jaws and teeth. Dr. Warren will use the images to evaluate your mouth in the planning for certain types of treatment.

  • Digital X-rays

    High-Tech DentistryOur digital X-rays will allow you and Dr. Warren to immediately view your X-rays on a monitor in the treatment room. Digital X-rays emit about 80% less radiation than traditional X-rays.

  • Cone beam 3D CT scanner

    High-Tech DentistryDr. Warren uses 3D CT scanning in treatment planning for dental implants, including establishing the volume of bone in the jaw. He also uses them for in-depth imaging in cases that are difficult to diagnose, such as where there is a hard-to-see crack or hidden tooth problems. The 3D scans allow him to have a more detailed view of certain tissues in the mouth than regular X-rays would provide.

  • Digital implant software

    High-Tech DentistryUsing 3D implant software, Dr. Warren is able to view and manipulate your 3D CT images for meticulous planning of your implant treatment.

  • Digital camera

    High-Tech DentistryWe use a digital camera to photograph your face and mouth for treatment planning purposes and to provide a visual record of your progress. In the case of restorations involving lab work, the photos are also sent to the lab to aid in crafting the highest quality restorations possible.

  • Electric handpiece

    High-Tech DentistryDr. Warren uses a modern, electric handpiece (drill) for removal of decay in the treatment of cavities, and he uses a special electric implant handpiece to prepare the jaw for implant placement. Electric handpieces are very quiet and have less vibration compared to traditional dental drills. They offer patients a more comfortable treatment experience.

  • Prophy Jet cleaning device

    High-Tech DentistryThe Prophy Jet is an advanced cleaning tool that combines air, water and a mildly abrasive substance such as sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) to accomplish the removal of heavy stains, plaque and debris from teeth for superior teeth cleaning.

  • Ultrasonic scalers

    High-Tech DentistryScaling refers to the removal of stubborn calculus (hardened plaque) and bacteria from the teeth, and is commonly used in the treatment of gum disease. Ultrasonic scalers remove plaque deposits from the teeth using a minute scaling tip that vibrates at ultrasonic frequency, along with a stream of water to wash away the debris. The vibrations of the scaling tip also create a shockwave that destroys the cell membranes of the bacteria present in the plaque, effectively killing them.

  • Apex locator

    High-Tech DentistryDr. Warren uses an apex locator to locate the apex, or tip, of the root during root canal procedures. This is done to ensure that the infected root canal is fully cleaned out.

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