Dentures in South Fort Worth

Dr. Warren provides beautiful, high-quality dentures that fit well and look natural.

Well-Fitting, Natural-Looking Dentures

Dentures in South Fort WorthWe can provide you with high-quality full or partial dentures that will fit well and look very natural. Dr. Warren takes pride in creating dentures that will transform your smile.

There are several options for aesthetic, durable materials that can be used to craft your dentures, depending on Dr. Warren’s recommendations and your personal preference. We use an exceptional dental lab which takes great care to make dentures according to Dr. Warren’s exact specifications.

We can also do relines and repairs for you in one day so you don’t have to be without your dentures.

No matter what type of denture Dr. Warren crafts for you, we will provide excellent service and follow-up care throughout the entire procedure.

Immediate Dentures

Dr. Warren can take care of any needed extractions and place your provisional dentures on the same day. He will give you two sets of dentures; one set as a temporary, and a new, permanent set to wear after healing. This is a distinguishing point that separates us from other denture providers, as normally patients only receive one set of dentures which then have to be relined after the healing period. We are happy to provide this extra service for you.

Types of Dentures We Offer

  • Full-plate denture

    Traditional full-plate dentures can replace a full arch of missing teeth. The upper denture has a false palate to help keep your denture in place as well as provide structural support. It is removed for cleaning or whenever you like.

  • Partial denture with metal clasps

    Dentures in South Fort Worth
    Traditional partial dentures are removable and are held in place with the help of biocompatible metal clasps that grip adjacent teeth.

  • Partial dentures without metal

    Dentures in South Fort Worth
    We can provide you with a metal-free partial denture made entirely of high-quality, flexible medical-grade plastic. This type of denture is more comfortable to wear than a partial denture with metal clasps, and looks very natural.

  • Immediate dentures

    Dentures in South Fort Worth
    Dr. Warren can perform any extractions needed and give you new, temporary dentures on the same day. He will provide you with a second set of permanent dentures when the healing period is completed. You will keep both sets, so that you have a spare set of your permanent dentures ever need to be repaired.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Dentures in South Fort WorthWe can provide you with implant-supported dentures that offer stability and increased chewing power compared to traditional dentures. They can also help prevent bone loss in your jaw, which could otherwise give you a prematurely aged look. They can be fixed-in, which means they are placed permanently and can only be removed by the doctor, or they can be removable by you through special snap-in attachments.

Learn more about our Implant-Supported Dentures.

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