Dental Extractions in South Fort Worth

Gentle and Comfortable Extractions

Dental ExtractionsDr. Warren will always do his best to preserve your natural teeth, but sometimes teeth have become too damaged or decayed and cannot be salvaged. When that is the case, Dr. Warren will perform a gentle tooth extraction to carefully remove the entire tooth.

We will see you for a follow-up visit after your extraction to make sure the healing process is progressing smoothly.

Socket Preservation

After your extraction, Dr. Warren will sometimes place special bone graft material into the socket. Bone graft material stimulates bone regeneration, preserving the structure of your jaw. This ensures you will have a strong foundation for future implant placement.

Your Comfort Is Important to Us

Your comfort is our top concern and we will make you feel at ease during your extraction procedure. Our doctor and staff will provide you with comfort amenities such as blankets and pillows. We also have noise-canceling headphones you can use with your own listening device.

We offer several sedation options for those patients whose nervousness or fear might otherwise prevent them from seeking the care they need. These include nitrous oxide (laughing gas), oral sedation and IV sedation.

We are accustomed to treating patients who have not been able to receive care elsewhere, including patients with a high anxiety level, vertigo or gagging problems. Our doctor is extremely friendly and understanding and will make sure you are comfortable through the entire process.

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